Friday, 19 October 2012

Putting My Foot In the US Election

Using the same technique as the one I used to analyse the idiotic accident which resulted in my broken heel,  the planets show a Romney win in the coming US presidential election.

If you use Solar Arcs as your predictive tool, you'd pick Romney as the winner.

Here are some charts and you will see what I mean. Take the most commonly used US chart, the Sibley – and progress it using the Solar Arc technique. That's the inner chart here.

Look at the Midheaven which shows who will be in charge of the country – 25° Taurus on the MC.

Look at Romney's SA chart around the outside, you will see that his Sun has progressed to 25° Taurus. Ceres, Mercury and Mars are all up there too.

Obama just does not have the equivalent planetary heft. But this does all depend on the Sibley being the correct chart, and as with so much in astrology, there is some debate about that.

Up until now I've found it impossible to see beyond my own prejudices, so I've refrained from making any prediction. And I wonder, how useful is this kind of astrology? How much good does it really do us to know who's going to win?

However, this as an experiment. It'll be interesting to see what happens, what with Mercury retrograding the day after the votes are finally cast.

To read my examination of Mitt Romney's chart, click here.


  1. You are wrong Obama wins and this is from my Spirit Guide that do know the future, also I did a reading on you and you want Romney to win don't try to hide it's best to be honest. That's why I did a reading on you through Tarot it's always tell the truth.

    I alway check out the person that is giving out information it's just the right thing to do.

    I only deal with truth try it.

  2. Really?!

    You should read the Romney supporter's comment in my Contact section. He or she seems to think exactly the opposite to you. In other words that I am wickedly biased in favour of Obama.

    This is a blog about astrology, not about my political opinions.

  3. Thanks, interesting article. I've heard a few say it's Romney to win astrologically. I guess the potential shows in his chart. We'll soon find out hey? x

  4. Geez. It IS obvious that this post is an astrological analysis apart from any personal preference.
    And as you point out Christina, it is an experiment. In any case, if we are to challenge it, better to check the charts, use another method, transits? Progressions? ....offer another perspective.

  5. Here is astrotabletalk's totally opposite conclusion...

    Here's what I suspect will happen, and if you saw what a mess things are on the ground here, you'd find this quite believable:

    1. Romney will appear to win.
    2. There will be so much outrageous malfeasance exposed in the aftermath that even the notoriously bought-and-sold Supreme Court will no longer be able to stomach it.
    3. The victory will go to Obama after a firestorm of media, improper police actions, and epic legal battles.

    Whether he will live to the end of his second term is an open question in my mind. Apart from the fact that he's the President who has had the most attempts on his life by far, there is that VoC Moon over his first election which Astrotabletalk says is common among those who don't make it.

    That's my prediction, for what it's worth.

    Unknown was interesting. /sigh/ BB.

  6. So you're comparing SA chart to SA chart based on comparing the natal chart of an event to your own SA chart.
    Um - wouldn't the correct comparison be between the election or the inauguration natal chart and Romney's SA chart?
    Have I missed something here?

  7. Iris you have a point and I've been there.

    The natal chart of any event is really the transits of that moment. So I looked at those for both men's SA's for election day, and it seemed to me too close to call - again. All the charts I've looked at essentially favour Romney slightly, but since I prefer Obama that's not good enough for me.

    But the real question is "Who will be in charge of America?"

    Why? Because becoming President can be a poison chalice, or you might go on to greater things in another field, or any number of reasons. In short, it is not necessarily the pinnacle of a man's career, especially if he has already achieved it. So it might not show by transit so clearly.

    Last time around it was obvious the change candidate would win. But this time around who is the change?

    So that's why I asked the simple question: who will run America now? Hence the Solar Arc for the USA. This is the US as it is today. Admittedly that's not traditional mundane astrology but theoretically it might work.

    But what I was looking for was a match up between the country and the man.

    Now I wouldn't have bothered publishing this, if the answer had not been so blunt. But the fact that Romney's Sun and the US MC are in the same degree of Taurus must be telling us something.

  8. Isy - DR may well turn out to be right. I don't really disagree with him that much about the general atmosphere around the election and post election. Interestingly , on Inauguration day both men have some very nice transits. (But I reason that could be huge relief on Obama's part. I also wonder if one scenario could be that Romney wins and then the public immediately starts to miss Obama.)

    Just this chart tells me Romney's going to win. How he's going to win is another question.... and the consequences more so.

    I don't disagree with any theory that posits lying and cheating. There is a huge amount of Neptunian energy both by progression and transit. Things really are not quite what they seem. There are some worst case scenarios to do with sacrifice that I do not want to think about. A best case scenario is that Obama is sacrificed by the electorate now, in order to regroup and come back in 2016. This is what happens in other democracies - look at Bibi Netanyahu.

  9. O, Christina, I so sincerely hope you are wrong! Obama's natal chart is so muchmore appropriate to guide the U.S. through the next few turbulent years on the global scene. I took advantage of my state's early voting to cast my ballot for him two days ago. From that point on, I simply pray and try to think positively. Honestly, Romney would try to regress when the whole astrological theme seems to be "FORWARD!"

  10. Thanks for expanding on your reasoning, Christina.
    Hopefully, we'll know for sure by Nov. 7.

  11. Oh Christina I so hope you are wrong. (As does 89.9% of the world's population.) 89.9%? I can't predict the future but I'm an excellent guesser!

  12. And Mary it's not just the US that would suffer. His foreign policy has been so much more constructive than his predecessors.

  13. There's been a groundswell against Romney this week, lazy libs and flailing idiots finally realizing their lives are on the line.

    I wonder sometimes if a Romney/Ryan win would finally make that FockSnooze-drooling half of the country realize what a pot of poison they've been swallowing.

    The damage would be so huge and so fast it might be finally unignorable even by such zombies as, say, Ben Stein, who now thinks that taxes should be raised on multimillionaires -- and fears Fox Studios won't let him out alive for saying so...

    Wait.... if Ben Stein -- one of the most relentlessly and irrationally right-wing party-line newspoodles of modern times -- is already saying this, what is half this country still thinking? /sigh/

    We shall have to wait and see.

  14. If Romney wins we are in serious SERIOUS trouble. I think you would understand if you lived here in America. You might not have even posted this. I wonder if you are aware of how high the stakes are and how on edge everyone is. Women in particular will see serious attacks on basic rights if Romney wins. This topic is a live wire/hot nerve. I don't know what your true opinion is, but it is very disturbing to read this post. I wish I hadn't read it.

  15. It would be interesting to do a progressed chart. Say, a year after the election. Perhaps more information could further support or discredit the possibility of a Romney presidency.

  16. Good point Jennifer. I think I'll have a look at the SA charts for last election to see how well Obama's matches up to the US.

  17. Have you looked at Ryan and Biden's charts? I haven't had time to look at it properly. I do hope you are wrong about Romney though, but I don't have a good feeling about it. Hard to call with the Mercury retrograde station on the day - I remember when Mercury changed direction on the 1992 election, in that case going direct and the result was opposite to what was expected. Interesting article on Mountain Astrologer website about this:

  18. Intrigued and alarmed by your post, I looked up the Sabian Symbol for 25-26 Taurus: "a vast public park."

    The connection to the 'vast' global Occupy movement is striking, which is identified in the US with Zucotti Park in NYC Wall Street's financial sector.

    Romney @ 25 Taurus on the Midheaven, then, could mean Occupy shining the spotlight on Romney on election day. If any group could track aggressive (Mars) electronic (Mercury) voting manipulation (Scorpio), it is Anonymous, the group behind Occupy which has a track record of using the Internet to reveal. Jupiter retro in Gemini suggests a massive review of the electronic voting machines that exposes Romney's egotism and reveals widespread corruption (Pluto-Cap).

    Either outcome, the US is in collapse, going the way of all empires (including Britain in the 1890s when it, then, like the US, now, made military promises it could not keep). The next US president will be the one presiding over the worst part of the collapse and will, I expect, take the rap for it. A "poison chalice" indeed.

  19. "Jupiter retro in Gemini suggests a massive review of the electronic voting machines...." interesting point, Mimi.

    Liz - I haven't looked at the Biden or Ryan. But I quite agree about he Mercury Retrograde.

  20. Christine - may I point out again that his running mates chart has saturn transit applying to natal jupiter - not good - the end of something which you cant go back to - even if you wanted. The fallen angel aspect. Sortly after satarn by transit goes into an opposition with natal saturn. How would this impact romney and the election - well thats pure speculation!!

  21. "The Universe has denied Romney the seat of the Presidency, of the United States of America"

  22. Told you. Ryans aspects were just for fail-fail-fail. The lesson for romney and everyone is choose your partners wisely.

  23. You're right Anon. Ryan was also a real turn off as a human being whereas Biden has charm.

  24. Sorry christina you made me think of this with mentioning binder


  25. You were wrong!!

  26. Christina, I wanted Romney to win but that wasnt to be. Obama, the worst president of the us has won again. What a shame for america. Maybe there isnt anything to this astrology thing after all and I so wanted to believe you.

    1. No I just misread the astrology because I was trying a technique that I don't normally use.